Why Does Your Opinion Matter?

I have come across a lot of very angry, perhaps even hateful posts and comments about Vemma. It actually leaves me a little bit confused as a lot is being said but there are not any logical conclusions to be made, or any real ‘points’.

People just seem angry about the business, but never the product (which at the end is what fuels the business so..what gives?). How can one hate a business but not the product? It doesn’t really mesh well in any argument.

“Yeah so what the product is healthy, it is a scam!, etc etc”. What is the scam then? That they offer a business model that is not forced upon a single person (instead it is offered, a mere option), or rather that they see people doing something they either don’t agree with or don’t understand. Are people just upset that they see others doing something and feel like it puts a pressure on their actions to ‘be profitable’ or successful? What gives them the right to disprove an already proven business model that has forged many successful companies, or make claims of the future of the business, or refuse to accept how it operates?

Who cares.

This is really what it comes down to. What makes me care about your argument? Are you saying something new, or something that has a story with value behind it, or is there a true (or rather unknown) reason for posting your opinion in such a profound way? Are you trying to help people by offering non-biased facts and arguments, or are you trying to sway the reader to think the way you think? The latter would refer to selfish means and offers no constructive contributions.

Everyone has the right to make their own decisions, just as we all have a right to voice our opinions, but it is why you perform these actions that really matters. My best friend just paid $1200 for a bike he could have picked up for $400. Obviously I stated that he could have made a huge savings, but it is still his choice in the end, and it’s the choice he wanted to make. Maybe I didn’t like the way the bike shop guy did business, but it doesn’t make me hate bikes any more, or the company that makes the bikes, or pays bike guy’s salary.

If my friend wants that bike, and it’s going to help him get active and fit, and he is happy with the terms of the deal, who am I to judge!

And besides, it has already worked out for the greater good. He is happy, the bike shop guy is happy, I’m happy he’s happy (though it doesn’t really matter how I feel), and I really have no right to tell him he made a poor or uninformed choice; and if I do, I would be an asshole. If he sees the value in it, well’ he’s a big boy and he can make his own decisions; it’s not like I’m his mother.

Just my $0.02



Love It or Hate It?

So I have been browsing around our World Wide Web and it is tough to really put a finger on how people really feel about Vemma. Sure, it has a huge fan base of either consumers or affiliates, but it also seems to draw a lot of negative attention from these so called “haters” or those that deem it a pyramid scheme. Do you enjoy the product and the company, or have you been “burned” by the business?

I made this website because I have consumed the products and they do taste pretty good. We have a clinic nearby where the products and benefits are featured in the doc’s office, so they can’t be that bad, right?

Actually, I haven’t yet found anything against the product itself, but what I can find is a lot of negative energy associated with the company and/or business model. So what’s the deal?

Please, bring your comments and I would love to hold a debate discussing the pros/cons of Vemma! As mentioned, I have consumed the products and do enjoy them, quite a lot actually (perhaps this may give me a bias response?), and when mentioned that you can become an affiliate for the same price as ordering your product, I figured “why not”. The drinks taste great (to me) but I especially enjoy the Bode chocolate shake as it is the best tasting supplement shake I have yet to come across, and the health benefits have already added a few pluses in my books..and hey, if there is money to be made in the process, it just made sense for me.

But this “pyramid scheme” business, I really don’t understand it or where it is coming from. I have many friends who have been involved in Network Marketing (or MLMs or affiliate marketing or whatever you would like to call it), and quite frankly many of them are doing better than I am; with no post secondary or proper training, whereas I have had both. Although there may be a few scammers out there, Vemma seems as legit as they come.

When the consumer (me) values the product before I was even explained how to become an affiliate, this is what will grow the success of an organization, and that’s MLM 101 right there.

Now I would like to thank you for coming to my site, please leave your comments (for or against), and I will do my best to address them all in a timely fashion with an open mind and a concrete rebuttal!