Welcome fellow readers, and thank you for taking a moment to learn a little bit about me!

Always a passionate debater, there have been many talents in my life that I have kept to myself, but because of the technologies offered today, if is tough to remain a wallflower in this ever evolving world!

I am a student, a photographer, an environmentalist, a nutritionist, a true entrepreneur, and given the chance, would love to become much, much more! After spending seven years of my life studying the Environmental Sciences at the University of Guelph, Ontario, I was plugged into the world without any real direction in life. I mean sure, one day I aspire to become the worlds most amazing photojournalist focusing on major weather events (AKA a storm chaser!), however the realities of the world and financial burdens of a student have forced my hand to pursue more practical means of ‘survival’.

Taking a chance opening a photography biz, and then a landscaping company, I later would find myself in one of the most amazing opportunities I have seen to date, and with eyes always open, I found a way to promote healthy living with one of the most unique opportunities I have yet to fall upon. Though the distractions in life are quite numerous, the potential to create yourself are available today more than ever before, at least this remains true for those with passion, drive, and desire.

Do not lose faith, and promote yourself in whatever ways possible, as there is not a single individual on this Earth that has nothing to offer! We all have the potential to be great, even more so be a part of something bigger and greater than ourselves — just something I wish I had realized sooner in life and a thought that becomes more and more fortified in my mind with every passing day.

So keep calm, blog on, and may your lives be blessed!



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