Juicing and Liquid Nutrition

Though there are many different views on juicing, I believe the message it delivers is there is an immense amount of value in pumping your body with micro-nutrients. These are nutrients found in plants, veggies, fruits and nuts. Even your doctor will tell you that having a diet very rich in fruits and veggies (~80% of your daily intake) is one of the healthiest moves you can make. It doesn’t mean becoming a vegetarian, but the message is instead to create a more embracing relationship with these true superfoods that most us do not get nearly enough of at the grocer every visit. At least I know I would sometimes put back those romaine hearts if it meant one more steak in my basket.

Juicing is simply the process of grinding these foods into an easy to drink beverage, and it is recommended you do this as much as possible to receive your daily intake of vitamins and minerals!

For those who would like to learn more about juicing and see some first hand stories, I recommend having a look at “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”, an amazing documentary following one man and his battle with his weight and autoimmune disease. Here is a link.

Taking care of our bodies with the foods we consume is extremely important; especially with the abundance of processed foods and artificial additions to products, many of which we already consume. This reduces the overall nutrition we consume, and although many of the times we believe we are feeding our bodies, it is often to the contrary.

Which brings me to my next point: well, what exactly is Vemma?

Vemma is a completely new spin on liquid nutrition. Through recent media channels the new health buzz has no doubt been focused around ‘juicing’. Blending these whole fruits and vegetables with a high powered blender/juicer (more effective with whole fruit, rind and all!) will result in an incredible beverage full of micronutrients, that has been proven to be an incredible health product for our bodies, but is it really for everyone? I completely support the idea, but I don’t think I am ready to completely replace my diet with liquid food! I mean, as much as I love a nice steak and some potatoes, and even with the highest quality products, is this really a complete meal for my body?

Vemma provides products that allow us to receive our daily dose of micronutrients without having to spend $10CAD+ a day in fruits and veggies, and they can be easily incorporated to a healthy diet. Now I am in no way saying that taking Vemma products allows you to eat 10 cheeseburgers a day, but if you did eat 10 cheeseburgers a day, Vemma would definitely help regulate your nutrient intake!

Not only is Vemma one of the most powerful liquid antioxidant systems in the world, but it pumps into your body so many nutrients that your body will thank you over and over. Don’t believe me? Well, when I got started on Vemma, it was recommended that I get a blood test before I started taking Vemma and then again a month or two later. I literally did not change a single thing in my diet other than taking a Vemma 2oz shot before breakfast, and was very pleased with the results.

The best part? I was ready to return the product for a full refund if it didn’t work for me, but I had a feeling it was already doing the trick as I felt much more energized throughout my day.

Once I realized the full potential of the products, even after the disappointment I had in trying to juice months before (I failed due to some willpower issues), I felt there was hope for me once again! Each day that passes I feel a little better knowing my body is getting what it deserves, especially after the hell I put it through in the past.

I have been using Vemma ever since, and I could confidently say I am healthier and I do feel more energetic. For those who are conscious about their health, and want to take it a step further but may not want to change their diet (who really wants too!) or don’t quite want to go on an all liquid diet–but still want the benefits of juicing, give Vemma a chance and (warning: this may sound like a sales pitch but I really am excited to express this!) experience this product and it’s magnificent blend of Mangosteen, full spectrum vitamins, and 65 plant sourced minerals for yourself!

There, I said it. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Juicing and Liquid Nutrition

  1. Is your only experience with Vemma’s product line the original Vemma formula in the 2oz shot format?

    I’m not exactly sure how this seems to work. You just have a shot everyday?or you mix it with food, juicing shakes, or..?

    • Hi Dan!

      Although I started with the Vemma 2oz shot, I now use the BodÄ— meal supplement shake every morning instead of breakfast. It contains the 2oz Vemma formula but is also an (awesome!) protein/supplement shake. I never have time to eat in the morning, nor does my body ‘feel’ that hungry. With the shake I’m full until lunch and feel great all day so it was the perfect step up for me. Through referrals, it has allowed me to try some free products and I am very happy I got to try the BodÄ— shake. Some shakes just taste awful and no matter how great the benefits, sometimes I would rather go without.

      I have also the the Verve! Energy drink, I sometimes pop one of these on a late night or if I’m feeling tired and sick. Apparently it has been shown to improve immune function and reduce inflammation more so then Vemma’s other products. Also, this I why I feature these 3 drinks in particular on my blog (as I can personally attest for them!).

      I have also tried ParTea, the fuzzy-peach tasting tea beverage they offer, as well as the Renew drink which seems primarily targeted towards woman. Renew is one of the only drinks I have seen to include Silica, which is really good for maintaining healthy hair and skin. I can only order a limited number of Renew but I do so every month and pass them to my mother and grandmother; both of which seem to like them very much (as they keep asking me for some).

      As for the shot; I used to take it with toast or some grub during breakfast. Your body metabolizes it best with food so you can pretty much pick any meal. It is really simple, just throw back the shot and you are good to go!

      When you order a bottle it even comes with a shot glass. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!


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