Why Does Your Opinion Matter?

I have come across a lot of very angry, perhaps even hateful posts and comments about Vemma. It actually leaves me a little bit confused as a lot is being said but there are not any logical conclusions to be made, or any real ‘points’.

People just seem angry about the business, but never the product (which at the end is what fuels the business so..what gives?). How can one hate a business but not the product? It doesn’t really mesh well in any argument.

“Yeah so what the product is healthy, it is a scam!, etc etc”. What is the scam then? That they offer a business model that is not forced upon a single person (instead it is offered, a mere option), or rather that they see people doing something they either don’t agree with or don’t understand. Are people just upset that they see others doing something and feel like it puts a pressure on their actions to ‘be profitable’ or successful? What gives them the right to disprove an already proven business model that has forged many successful companies, or make claims of the future of the business, or refuse to accept how it operates?

Who cares.

This is really what it comes down to. What makes me care about your argument? Are you saying something new, or something that has a story with value behind it, or is there a true (or rather unknown) reason for posting your opinion in such a profound way? Are you trying to help people by offering non-biased facts and arguments, or are you trying to sway the reader to think the way you think? The latter would refer to selfish means and offers no constructive contributions.

Everyone has the right to make their own decisions, just as we all have a right to voice our opinions, but it is why you perform these actions that really matters. My best friend just paid $1200 for a bike he could have picked up for $400. Obviously I stated that he could have made a huge savings, but it is still his choice in the end, and it’s the choice he wanted to make. Maybe I didn’t like the way the bike shop guy did business, but it doesn’t make me hate bikes any more, or the company that makes the bikes, or pays bike guy’s salary.

If my friend wants that bike, and it’s going to help him get active and fit, and he is happy with the terms of the deal, who am I to judge!

And besides, it has already worked out for the greater good. He is happy, the bike shop guy is happy, I’m happy he’s happy (though it doesn’t really matter how I feel), and I really have no right to tell him he made a poor or uninformed choice; and if I do, I would be an asshole. If he sees the value in it, well’ he’s a big boy and he can make his own decisions; it’s not like I’m his mother.

Just my $0.02



3 thoughts on “Why Does Your Opinion Matter?

  1. Well said rhino…

    I think it’s best for people to arrive at their own conclusions, which is hard to do when there are so many opinions floating around, pulling them in different directions.

    I did some research on this Vemma stuff and I’m seriously considering giving it a try… Apparently it’s healthy, tasty, and affordable/profitable… What else can you tell me/us about it? Let’s open this thing up!


  2. Hey Glenscrafters, welcome to my page! And thank you for your comment!

    I couldn’t agree more that is vital for people to reach their own conclusions. The real question for me is what is bringing these conclusions about? Using the abundance of “thoughts” floating around to derive your own opinions, I don’t think that this is intelligent (personally). There are just too many thoughts floating around out there, many of which are quite bias and the means behind them are not necessarily to provide information but to sway the reader. Even the majority of the pages stating that something is a poor choice or a scam end up swaying the reader away from one business or product, only to try and sell another one. That doesn’t make sense, and is not proper information. Furthermore, it seems far too close to capitalism to me.

    I wish writing essays during University was that easy. Opinions really where not important (and often destructive to your argument). Instead, it was the information that you provided and sourced that won the argument. What happened to providing value in your arguments? Especially with today’s availability of legitimate information.

  3. To follow up about Vemma’s products, I would be happy to outline my position. First off, I am glad that you are interested in the product as well; there are many scam screamers hating the business or saying the product is too expensive…They really don’t know what they are saying. If only they, too, did a little research on the product line as you have, they would see the wealth of development and the real backbone of what make the products so wonderful.

    For anyone who truly values their health and cares about what they put into their bodies, Vemma is absolutely fantastic. They have amazing research (peer-reviewed, I may add) backing their products and ample independent testing that confirms, and furthermore, fortifies their research. It was even named the “the best liquid antioxidant” my Men’s Journal, and Dr.Oz himself deemed it the best multivitamin in an interview for Esquire magazine. Even more, TV’s Chris Powell from Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition helped develop the Bodē line of products for his own use in his Weight Loss program and for his trainees. These last two sentences sound like a sales pitch, but I just wanted to express that very few companies go to this extent to provide this type of value to their end users. People have been comparing it to Redbull, or even traditional (solid) multivitamins, that is crazy-talk! Their products go far, far beyond that. This is ultra premium liquid nutrition.

    Clinically studied, and offered in many different product lines (all of which contain the Vemma original formula), the products are all natural, organic based, and non-synthetic. In fact, one of their product lines called “NEXT” has been advertised in doctor’s offices around my area for children’s nutrition. Keep in mind, this is not traditional advertising to sell a product, this is a doctor telling you that this is one of the best products available for your child’s physical and mental development. For me, that is absolutely huge.

    Even more, Vemma offers a 30 day money-back guarantee. They also offer an empty bottle guarantee on many of their products; meaning you can use the entire bottle or shake bag and they will still provide you a refund if you are unsatisfied. Considering I have been on the hunt for the best possible ‘breakfast shake’ for years (I have problems eating in the morning), I was happy to pay $50 after shipping for 32 servings of the Bodē Shake to test this guarantee! Taste was incredible (chocolate), especially when compared to other artificially flavours shakes, and has been by far the healthiest shake I have ever ingested. Again, no artificial colours, flavours, all minerals are plant sourced and they use organic ingredients, and yes, it has the complete Vemma formula in every serving.

    If the shakes aren’t for you, I have had a chance to try many of their products along with my shake (due to free product from referrals!) and the Vemma Original 2oz shot is fantastic, same with the Verve! Energy Drinks. The energy drink is a 2oz Vemma Original shot with natural, organic green tea (this provides the 80mg of caffeine), aloe Vera juice, pineapple extract, and a splash of soda water. And I love pineapples so it was the perfect addition to this product! Also, it is encouraged that before you start using Vemma products you get a physical done, and then, get your blood work done after one month (or more!) of using the products to really give you an idea of how it is improving your health. Science does not lie!

    In all, Vemma makes amazing products, and I am extremely happy that I gave them a chance many months ago. I recommend giving the products a shot as a customer first as (I think) it is important that you personally find value in the product before trying to push it onto others. I would note there is no monetary difference in what you decide to go for – a customer or an affiliate – and you can still receive free product as a customer or both free product and commissions as an affiliate, but I often feel frustration (and see failed attempts) when I see other’s pushing the product and don’t know half the things about it, or they don’t have a real story or reason behind why they started using Vemma. Not that it’s a bad thing, necessarily, but it may give people the wrong idea about this great company and it may deter from your success of using Vemma as a business opportunity, but that is just my opinion.

    If you made it this far (I feel like I just wrote a book, hah!), thank you for reading! Feel free to follow the links in this post or along my page’s sidebar to direct you to the products. I’m here if you have any other questions, and thank you once more for your inquiry!


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