Love It or Hate It?

So I have been browsing around our World Wide Web and it is tough to really put a finger on how people really feel about Vemma. Sure, it has a huge fan base of either consumers or affiliates, but it also seems to draw a lot of negative attention from these so called “haters” or those that deem it a pyramid scheme. Do you enjoy the product and the company, or have you been “burned” by the business?

I made this website because I have consumed the products and they do taste pretty good. We have a clinic nearby where the products and benefits are featured in the doc’s office, so they can’t be that bad, right?

Actually, I haven’t yet found anything against the product itself, but what I can find is a lot of negative energy associated with the company and/or business model. So what’s the deal?

Please, bring your comments and I would love to hold a debate discussing the pros/cons of Vemma! As mentioned, I have consumed the products and do enjoy them, quite a lot actually (perhaps this may give me a bias response?), and when mentioned that you can become an affiliate for the same price as ordering your product, I figured “why not”. The drinks taste great (to me) but I especially enjoy the Bode chocolate shake as it is the best tasting supplement shake I have yet to come across, and the health benefits have already added a few pluses in my books..and hey, if there is money to be made in the process, it just made sense for me.

But this “pyramid scheme” business, I really don’t understand it or where it is coming from. I have many friends who have been involved in Network Marketing (or MLMs or affiliate marketing or whatever you would like to call it), and quite frankly many of them are doing better than I am; with no post secondary or proper training, whereas I have had both. Although there may be a few scammers out there, Vemma seems as legit as they come.

When the consumer (me) values the product before I was even explained how to become an affiliate, this is what will grow the success of an organization, and that’s MLM 101 right there.

Now I would like to thank you for coming to my site, please leave your comments (for or against), and I will do my best to address them all in a timely fashion with an open mind and a concrete rebuttal!



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